Choosing right engineering branch is quite tricky for students. Most of the candidates go through the same dilemma after completing 12th exam and entrance exam. Most of students select that branch in which they get job easily. But always select that branch in which you have genuine interest then only you will find it easier to stay motivated during your four year.

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Here, we provide you best engineering branches that help you to decide which one could be better for you.

1. Chemical Engineering

It combines natural and experimental sciences plus mathematics and economics. Where experimental sciences include chemistry and physics as life sciences contains biology, microbiology and biochemistry.


Select this branch if:

• You should have an analytical mind.

• You consider that you can study chemistry or another science.

• You are interested in the chemical processes.

Specialization in Chemical Engineering

If you decide to study chemical engineering, then you can specialize in process engineering, chemical reaction engineering, plant design and process design or transport phenomena.


2. Aeronautical or Aerospace Engineering

It is one of the best Engineering branch. This stream deals with the design, development, construction, research, testing, science and technology of aircraft. You can also study astronautical engineering, if you are interested in spacecraft.


Select this branch if:

• You have interest in mechanics of flight travel.

• You quite interested in computer simulation and seeing how aircraft machinery performs under extreme conditions.


Specialization in Aeronautical Engineering

If you study aeronautical engineering, you could specialize in avionics, propulsion, composites analysis, aerodynamics, aeroelasticity, structures and materials.


3. Civil Engineering

If you have interest in designing and developing building, infrastructure projects then you can choose civil engineering branch. In this branch, you will get job in government as well as in private sector or you can establish your own business.


Select this branch if:

•You are interested in designing and developing building.

•You have to develop your design skills, particularly in computer-aided design.

Specialization in Civil Engineering

There are many subjects in which you can specialize such as, architectural engineering, transportation engineering, structural engineering, hydraulic engineering, environmental engineering and geotechnical engineering.


4. Computer Engineering

This branch integrates electrical engineering and computer science required to develop computer hardware and software. One of the benefit of this branch is they have knowledge of electronic engineering, software design and hardware-software integration. You can find computer engineering branch almost every engineering colleges in Nagpur.


Select this branch if:

•You are good in mathematics, computers and science.

•You want to produce new products as well as new applications.

•You are interested to do job as a software developer or computer engineer.

Specializations in Computer Engineering

Specialized subjects are unique for computer engineering such as computer architecture, microprocessor/microcontroller systems, and VHDL (hardware description language) design.


5. Electronic Engineering

Electronics & Communication are two major fields of engineering and there are good job opportunities in corporate as well as government sectors. Subjects you are studied in electronic engineering field are Analog Communication, Digital Communication, Satellite Communication, Wireless Communication & Networking, and Cellular Mobile Communication etc.


Select this branch if:

•You have electronic subject in your 12th syllabus.

•You are interested in Government sector job.

•You are willing to do job in telecommunication sector.

Specializations in Electronic Engineering

Electronic engineers can do specialization in many subjects like electronic and telecommunication, wireless communication and computing, computer engineering, & VLSI.



There are many Engineering colleges in Nagpur but you have to choose best one for you. Don’t choose any branch or college in parental pressure. Selects only that branch in which you have truly interest.

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